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"Aim Low" is the fifteenth episode in the Sonic Boom (TV Series) television series. It first aired on 14 January 2015 in France and on 28 February 2015 in the United States.


When Dr. Eggman loses his confidence he enlists the aid of motivational speaker and life coach, Soar the Eagle. Full of confidence, Eggman fires Soar only to discover that he's no longer capable of making a decision on his own.







On Seaside Island, Doctor Eggman calls forth a new weapon after Team Sonic had just finished off his Scorpion Bot. However, Sonic the Hedgehog destroys it before it can even do anything. Instead of getting angry, Eggman retreats in his Eggmobile, dispirited and having lost his confidence. Meanwhile, Team Sonic ponders on why Eggman has not been as challenging as he usually is.

Back at Doctor Eggman's Lair, Eggman tries to watch some TV while moping when he sees a commercial from Soar the Eagle who is advertising his seminar as a motivational speaker and life coach, promising to help his clients "soar like an eagle" like they were born to. Relating to it, Eggman hires Soar to rebuild his confidence. Coming to Eggman's lair, Soar gets the doctor fired up about getting his life back on track with inspirational speeches and convinces Eggman to hire him as his personal guru. However, Soar soon sees he has a lot of work ahead of him after witnessing Eggman's low self-esteem.

To rebuild Eggman's confidence and convince himself of his maliciousness once more, Soar has him get some small evil victories under his belt, such as stealing a meal from Dave the Intern at Meh Burger (location) and ruining children's ice cream. Finally, Soar has Eggman use explosives to create a statue of himself, which causes a rock slide that endangers a crowd beholding an enormous ball of twine. Fortunately, Sonic, who was watching the ball with his team, stops the rocks, and Amy Rose notes that Eggman is getting back on track.

Later at his lair, Eggman has made a marvelous recovery from his low confidence. Soar insists that Eggman still requires more guidance, but Eggman becomes arrogant and fires Soar, something the eagle warns him will not bode well. Eggman tries to get back to his scheming with Orbot and Cubot, but it soon becomes clear that Eggman is no longer able to make decisions for his plans on his own. Later on the beach with his team, where they are playing in the sand with Tails' Plane, Sonic becomes suspicious of Eggman's activities since he has not heard from him in a while and leaves to check up on him. When he gets to Eggman's lair though, Sonic finds Eggman slouching on his couch in self-pity while Orbot practically confirms that Eggman has given up on himself.

With the threat of Eggman gone, Sonic tries to relax but soon grows bored and restless. He tries doing something with his friends, but in his hyperactiveness he only ends up scattering Miles "Tails" Prower' papers in Tails' Workshop, destroying Knuckles the Echidna' new birdhouse and ruining Amy's new painting, all while growing more paranoid about Eggman. Quickly fed up with Sonic's interruptions, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks the Badger decide to remotivate Eggman just to make Sonic more productive. They attempt to pick a fight with Eggman, but when the doctor is indifferent towards their intrusion, they lure Sonic over and provoke him by pretending to be defeated; Sonic easily sees through his teammates' bad acting, though. Amy admits to deceiving him, but when Eggman notes how "stupid" her idea was, Sonic becomes defensive and confronts Eggman; their argument quickly evolves into animosity. Out of frustration, Eggman gets over his slump and summons his robots, which Sonic engages while the rest of the team watches, smiling over things being back to normal.



  • In the scene where Scorpion Bot's tail drops down on the ground, its tail is shown to be slightly curled up, but in the scene that follows instantly afterwards, its tail is flattened out completely.
  • In the scene in Eggman's Lair where Sticks falls to her knees clutching her chest, her eyelashes disappear.


The production of "Aim Low" began over a year prior to its release date in the United States, and was one of the first scripts worked with by Bill Freiberger. The idea for the episode itself was conceived by Alan Denton and Greg Hahn.Template:Cite web

The giant ball of twine in the episode was inspired by Alan Denton's real-life experience with cheesy roadside attractions, more specifically a real-life ball of twine Denton visited himself in 2004. This concept was incorporation by both Denton and Freiberger, the latter who was also a roadside attraction enthusiast.Template:Cite web</ref> Also, the scene where Sonic makes Knuckles drop his birdhouse initially started with the concept that the writers needed for Knuckles to do something that Sonic could interrupt. After reflecting on Knuckles' personality, it was decided that Knuckles would set up a birdhouse to show an instance of his nature-loving side.

According to Freiberger, Sticks was probably meant to have a few lines in the episode, but they were cut out from the final product.