Amy Rose is one of the main characters in the Sonic Boom series. She is an anthropomorphic pink hedgehog and the organizer, archaeologist and overall backbone of Team Sonic, a heroic group devoted to defending the peace of their world.

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Amy is virtually identical to her main series counterpart, except that she appears slightly taller and thinner. For attire, Amy wears both her trademark red hairband and a red one piece top with a white collar, yellow buttons on the her left side and a lavender sarashi around her waist. She also wears white gloves with purple sports tape and golden ring bracelets around her wrists, purple stockings, and red-violet shoes with pink soles and toes, gray straps and pink plate with two yellow buttons on top.

At the Awardy Awards, Amy wore a purple tiered dress with light purple circles on it, a light purple waist band, white evening gloves, a small purse, and black medium-heeled shoes.

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Amy is smart, independent, strong, and confident. She is a natural leader and organizer, but also a perfectionist who need everything to be just right. She also tends to take charge of everyone around her, though she cannot help it since she knows what others want before they do. She is overall sweet and has ballerina-like gracefulness, but also a capable and tough cookie. Amy similarly takes great pride in her expertise in archeology, and thus hates when people shows her up in that field. For all her confidence though, it is hinted that she has insecurities which she covers up by bossing others around. She is also sometimes shy about admitting her true feelings for others.

Amy is most of the time the sensible member on her team and the most emotionally mature of them, offering common sense when the rest of the team gets carried away. She is eager to help her friends and takes care of them all, making her somewhat the mother of her group. More often that not, she sees herself as a psychiatrist and tries to encourage the people around her to talk openly about their feelings. She is likewise fair-minded and is the first to give support if someone is in need, regardless of past transgressions or her own dislike, while attempting to understand both sides of an argument to keep the peace and solve the problem. She is also very peppy and an optimist, though it makes her sometimes come off as naïve, and when on a mission she tries to keep the team optimistic as much as she can.

Amy is normally very charitable and thinks of herself as a refined and elegant woman. Underneath her self-described "cute" and "girly" demeanor though, Amy keeps an explosive and scary temperament that is quick to rise up when she feels provoked. This side of her is unforgiving and brutal, especially when she sees others messing with her friends. If pushed, Amy will snap into a vicious, unrestrained and intimidating fit that unnerves friends and foes alike. Contrary to her charitable nature, Amy shows as well occasionally bouts of rudeness, snarkiness and selfishness when looking out for herself. Amy also stands strongly by the ideals of being an independent modern woman and has a distaste for gender stereotypes.

Amy is extremely attached to her hammer, which is her most precious possession. She considers it her whole identity and skillset, and sunk into a hysterical fit and deep depression when she thought she had lost it for good. A particular quirk about Amy is her interest in arts and crafts. She can often be found practicing different artforms with elusive materials and has a habit of making decorations out of whatever she has on hand. She also shows a noticeable passion for noble causes such as charities and recycling, which (more often than not) has been exploited by her enemies as they lure her into traps.

In Mario and Sonic's adventures in London,Amy appears to have a very close and fast friendship with Silver and she really loves playing with him as this happened in the very first episode and so on.Like Silver,Charmy and the others,Amy is very playful and cheerful as she's gentle,energetic,friendly and loving.Sonic always fears Amy's love of him and her plots of dating or marring,so she hired Knuckles and Metal Sonic to prevent him from escaping her love and affection as this was seen in several episodes.

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Silver the hedgehog

Amy and Silver are very close and fast friends.

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  • Amy dances ballet as part of one of her idle animations in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. This is perhaps a reference to her gracefulness which has often been linked to that of a ballerina.
  • Amy apparently keeps a picture of Sonic in her purse.
  • It is revealed that Amy only owns one outfit, although she has multiple sets of it.
  • Amy has fish for pets.
  • Amy is the only one on her team who can cook and is said to make delicious cookies.
  • Amy has her own roller skates.
  • Amy has participated in a number of academic activities, including a bee keeping seminar and a psychology class.
  • Amy is currently the only member of her team who has not been shown playing an instrument.
  • However, this is not necessarily the case anymore with FriendBot on the team as well.
  • Amy owns at least fifty scrapbooks.
  • Amy's Communicator has a four-digit number.
  • Amy is currently the only (organic) member of her team that has never been arrested or put in jail.

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  • Cindy Robinson

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