Blaze the Cat is a fictional character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is an anthropomorphic cat and a princess hailing from an alternate dimension, where she is both the regent of her world and the appointed guardian of the Sol Emeralds, a role similar to that of Sonic and Knuckles combined. She is gifted with the power of pyrokinesis, which lets her create and manipulate fire in any way she pleases.

Blaze is normally calm and elegant, but tends to conceal her true feelings. Devoted to her position, she sometimes gets herself bogged down by her own strict discipline, which made her anti-social, shy, and unfamiliar to the concept of having friends. After spending time with Sonic, however, Blaze has discovered the true meaning of friendship, allowing her to accomplish tasks for the good of her people and the innocent which she could never do alone. Despite of the initial boundaries separating them, Blaze now travels freely between her dimension and Sonic's to visit her friends.

Appearance Edit

Blaze the Cat is a lilac-furred, anthropomorphic cat with gold eyes. Her muzzle is white, her inner ears are peach colored and the tip of her tail dark purple. She wears a long purple flared mantle-like coat of sorts with a gold collar and white tights; the cuffs are fuzzy and white. She has plumes of "hair" done up in a high ponytail with dark purple tips. Her outfit is generally accented in pinks and reds, including her high heeled shoes, hairband, coat trim, and a small gem on her forehead.

Personality Edit

A noble soul, Blaze is normally calm, solemn and level-headed, but tends to conceal her true feelings. She is often described as elegant, which is demonstrated through her body movements and her ballerina-like fighting style. Being royalty, Blaze is quite mannerly and typically maintains a relatively quiet, stoic and formal air among others. She tends to have body language less casual than most others, such as in Sonic Generations where she stands straight and tight rather than relaxed like the rest of the cast. She also usually speaks in a polite and lady-like tone. While honored of her heritage as royalty, Blaze is down-to-earth and dislikes being called by her title.

While Blaze gives the impression that she keeps her emotions in check, she is inwardly highly emotional. She possesses a fiery temper, and when she loses her composure she is quite frightening, aggressive, harsh, and prone to making bad decisions. She is similarly very serious about her position as princess and guardian of the Sol Emeralds, initially suspecting anyone even looking at them the wrong way. Also, when dealing with enemies, she never holds back her strength and is not above the idea of using lethal force. She is usually highly disciplined and focused, never allowing herself to lose control, and can be quite stubborn and impatient once she has put her mind to something. Her intensive demeanor however, is motivated by her own genuine concern for others' safety. In truth, Blaze has a kind heart, and always stands up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. Because of her own self-imposed strict discipline though, she is often tense and frequently suffers from great self-pressure.

Initially, she held a personal dislike of her pyrokinesis because it left her to bear her responsibilities alone and it made other children tease her for her inability to control it, which made her view her flames as a curse. She later learns to accept them from Sonic's advice and came to see them as a blessing.

In Mario and Sonic's adventures in London,Blaze is a graceful and playful cat who never breaks vases and she is always gentle and loving to all her friends.

In the episode "The London pirate trials",Blaze was very excited for the annual London pirate trials and she hosted the episode's fun and games session where she and her friends participate in a series of games to prove themselves worthy of fun and games.The first fun and games London pirate trial was "Blaze says" where Blaze faces her back towards her friends as she says to her friends to do a movement command an amount of times after saying "Blaze says" and her friends do the movement command that amount of times as they move towards her.Sometimes,Blaze says to her friends to do a movement command an amount of times without saying "Blaze says",turns around and tries to catch any of her friends do the forbidden movement command.If Blaze catches any of her friends do the forbidden movement command,she says "Uh uh uh! You gotta go back because I didn't say 'Blaze says'!" and that friend must go back to the start.The friend who reaches Blaze wins a bucket of water.

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Trivia Edit

  • Like Sonic's specialty in breakdancing, Blaze seems to be able to dance Ballet as she is seen spinning on the tip of her toes before striking a victory pose.
  • As of Sonic Runners, Blaze is the first female Power Type character in the series.
  • According to Sonic Channel, when asked about her weight, Blaze would respond "Don't speak of such a thing." unlike the other female characters which simply says 'Secret'.
  • If Blaze is tapped in the bottom screen with the stylus during gameplay in Sonic Rush, she jumps like a frightened cat, then she turns at the player angrily and stomps on the ground before turning her back and tapping her foot. When tapped on the touch screen in Sonic Rush Adventure, Blaze hovers in the air.
  • In Sonic Rush Adventure, Blaze might know more than one language other than English, as she was able to read a book filled with ancient text found in Sky Babylon.
  • Blaze is the second feline character introduced in the series in regards to the games. The first is Big the Cat.
  • In "Mario and Sonic's adventures in London",Blaze is described as a graceful and playful cat who is gentle and loving and never breaks vases unlike regular cats,which are from the real world.
  • Blaze jumps like a frightened cat when Silver scares her.
  • When frightened or surprised,Blaze's eyes open in shock or fear as her fur sometimes sparks up.
  • Blaze doesn't like Silver's funny pranks.
  • Like Sonic and real life cats,Blaze doesn't like water on her purple delicate fur.
  • During a short of the "Mario and Sonic's adventures in London" TV Series,Blaze fell for one of Silver's pranks and gets angry at him as she chased after Silver while saying "Silver!" and he runs away in laughter.

Voice Actors Edit

  • Laura Bailey