Sonic Boom Cliff
Cliff is a character from Sonic Boom who appears in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. He is an anthropomorphic animal and the respected and trusted elderly statesman of Hedgehog Village.[1] An archaeologist by profession, he knows the history of Lyric the Last Ancient and his metal army[1] and is the head of the excavation expedition to uncover the ruins of the Ancients.

Appearance Edit

Cliff is an anthropomorphic animal slightly taller than Knuckles. He has long arms and legs with buff-colored fur, white fur on his front torso and blue eyes. He has a medium-long muzzle covered in long white fur, resembling a beard, a black nose similar to Sonic's, white bushy eyebrows and several hair strands reminiscent of hedgehog quills with white tips. His attire consists of a beige cowboy hat with a black band, a grey bandanna, brown gloves and dark grey boots with black straps and white cuffs. Around his waist he has a dark grey belt with a pocket and rope.

Personality Edit

Cliff is nice, well-educated and wise, though at times absent-minded. While usually very calm and level-headed, he can nonetheless be comically stunned by unexpected news, as hearing about Lyric's release left him shocked for several seconds. When on a lookout for something, he will fulfill his search anyway he sees fit.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Cliff's design has aspects of that of Beauregard Rabbot, such as the gloves, hat, belt and boots.
  • According to Team Sonic, Cliff collects Crowns.

Voice Actors Edit

  • Kirk Thornton