"Cowbot" is the eleventh episode in the Sonic Boom (TV Series) television series. It first aired on 24 December 2014 in France and on 31 January 2015 in the United States.


Tails reprograms one of Eggman's robots and accidentally turns it into a killing machine determined to destroy Eggman. Because it's their fault, Sonic and Tails must protect their enemy and move into Eggman's evil lair for a night of bonding.








On Seaside Island, Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna are playing a game of coconut hurl. Miles "Tails" Prower plays the role of commentator while Sticks the Badger and Amy watch, though Amy shows little interest. As Knuckles throws Sonic into a coconut tree, they beat their previous record by knocking four coconuts down. Suddenly though, Doctor Eggman arrives in the Eggmobile and introduces them to Cowbot; while Eggman considers it to be his most destructive creation, Team Sonic laugh at its non-threatening appearance. Eggman leaves Cowbot to destroy Team Sonic while he leaves to check on his laundry, but not before telling the heroes that Cowbot is filled with Mootonium, which will vaporize everything within a twenty-mile radius if Cowbot is destroyed.

As Cowbot starts firing cud missiles, Team Sonic come up with the plan to reach Cowbot's access panel so Tails can reprogram it. While Sonic distracts Cowbot, the rest of the team tip it, allowing Tails to reach the panel and get to work. However, when Tails finishes, Cowbot does not deactivate, its eyes turn red, and it slowly flies away. Tails explains that since he reversed Cowbot's programming to destroy Sonic, it is now going to destroy Eggman. Sonic is amused, but Amy insists that it is not right to let Cowbot kill Eggman. Reluctantly, Sonic leaves to warn Eggman and takes Tails with him.

Arriving at Doctor Eggman's Lair, Sonic sneaks ahead of Eggman's defenses, only for Eggman to tell him at the door that he used his defenses to build Cowbot. While Sonic warns him of Cowbot, Eggman convinces him and Tails stay and protect him while he is defenseless. However, even if the defenses were brought back online, they learn that Cowbot's stage two directive has been activated, which would render the defenses useless. As such, the group's only option is to upgrade Eggman's defenses, with Sonic gathering the parts, and Tails and Eggman assembling the equipment. Together, the unlikely allies build a freeze ray and a force field to protect the lair.

As Cowbot appears in the horizon, Sonic, Tails and Eggman have a plan: when Cowbot gets in range, Eggman will lower the force field, allowing Sonic to immobilize with the freeze ray, thus enabling Tails to disarm it. However, Cowbot is taking a long time to get to the lair, so Eggman invites Sonic and Tails inside while they wait. In the lair, they have some cookies and hot chocolate (all with questionable seasoning in them), then watch a film. Upon returning outside to see that Cowbot is still very far away, the trio play a game of coconut hurl, though Sonic had to use a catapult to throw Eggman. As night falls, they spend their time roasting marshmallows over a campfire and seemingly bond over their conversations about things like Dave the Intern and Amy.

The next morning, Cowbot has finally arrived and the allies begin their plan, only for it to fall apart due to their defense systems shorting out from the marshmallow gunk on their fingers. However, this give Tails the idea of using marshmallows to gunk up Cowbot's machinery. Going with this plan, Eggman catapults Sonic up to Cowbot where he empties a bucket of marshmallows into it, which successfully disables the robot. Upon celebrating their victory though, Eggman reveals that his master plan all along was to trick Sonic and Tails into upgrading his security system, which he could now use against them. However, Sonic swiftly foils Eggman's plan by dumping marshmallows into his new defenses, causing them all to short-circuit. As Sonic and Tails take their leave, Orbot and Cubot come out of the lair and eat some of the marshmallows, causing the pair to suffer the same fate as Eggman's other machinery.



Regional differencesEdit

  • In Brazil, the shot of Sonic hitting the coconut tree during Coconut hurl was shorten.


According to Bill Freiberger, the original premise for this episode was that Tails reprograms a killing machine created by Eggman and then feels the needs to protect him. Once the developers started to move forward with that premise, they thought it would be funny if the killing machine looked silly near the end of the process. They then thought of a cow, which led to them thinking of "cow tipping", leading to the creation of Cowbot.