Double Doomsday title card
"Double Doomsday" is the seventh episode in the Sonic Boom (TV series) television series. It first aired on 29 November 2014 in the United States and on 10 December 2014 in France.


Doctor Eggman hires an intern who turns out to be a bit unstable. He commandeers Eggman's doomsday device and is going to set it off. Not to be outdone, Eggman begins building a competing doomsday device. Sonic and Tails step in to avoid disaster.







In the village, Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose visit Meh Burger (location) to have lunch. When they reach the register, however, Doctor Eggman cuts in front of them and claims their spot. Despite Sonic's disagreement, the cashier, Dave the Intern, agrees with Eggman, resulting in Sonic and Amy having their lunch served much later (and poorly), much to Eggman's gloating. Dave then approaches Eggman, who tells the doctor that he is a big fan of his. Eggman takes a liking to Dave and offers him to become his unpaid intern, which Dave considers a big honor.

Taking his eager intern to Doctor Eggman's Lair, Eggman assigns Dave to cleaning the bathroom, which he gladly accepts. Orbot and Cubot, however, are worried that Dave's enthusiasm of the smallest tasks will make them look bad, not knowing that Dave is secretly listening to their complaints. Cubot soon goes missing, and after a thorough search by Orbot, he finds his partner—in pieces. Meanwhile, Dave finds and becomes fascinated with the doctor's unfinished Doomsday Device, which Eggman tells him about; it is capable of undoing the planet's existence. Orbot then arrives with Cubot's pieces, but Eggman is not interested and sends them away while raising Dave's status from intern to protégée.

At Tails' Workshop, Sonic and Miles "Tails" Prower are testing the latter's newest invention, the Reverse Polarizer, a device capable of reversing any force. Orbot then shows up on their doorstep and asks them to reassemble Cubot. Back at Eggman's lair, Eggman is assigning Dave more cleaning duties, but Dave is ready for more evil experience. Eggman tells him that he would have to wait a few more weeks, which makes Dave snap from impatience. He seals himself in Eggman's lab where he finishes Eggman's Doomsday Device and activates it to prove himself an evil genius, much to Eggman's rage.

Meanwhile, in Tails' Workshop, Tails has finished repairing Cubot, who reveals Dave was behind his disassembly. At the same time, Eggman, not wanting to be outdone by Dave, builds another Doomsday Device. Once he activates its countdown, Tails' computer picks up the signals from both Doomsday Devices in Eggman's lair, making the heroes take action. Sonic quickly breaks into Eggman's lair to make Eggman's shut his Doomsday Device down, but when Eggman reveals they have no off-switches, Tails formulates a new plan. He tells Sonic that if they can make the Doomsday Devices vibrate at exact opposite frequencies by increasing their power, they would cancel each other out. Tails therefore sneaks in on Dave in Tails' Plane and convinces him to let him help him outdo Eggman while Sonic helps Eggman outdo Dave. While Tails and Dave work more seriously, however, Sonic is forced to gather power for Eggman by more ridiculous means while assisting him with his needs.

Eventually, both Doomsday Devices go off and the forces released by the two devices seem to cancel each other out at first. Instead, however, a black hole is formed above Eggman's lair that will erase all existence, which Tails deduces was created due to a small difference in power between the Doomsday Devices (which was because of a battery Sonic accidentally left out). To stop the black hole, Tails gives Sonic his Reverse Polarizer so he can reverse the black hole's gravitation pull and make it fall in upon itself. However, there is a catch: for it to work, Sonic has to get close enough to the black hole, and if he is too slow, he will be trapped within it and the world will end. Regardless, Sonic enters the black hole and despite some difficulties, he manages to destroy the black hole and get out in time. Furious at Dave's actions, Eggman fires him and reassigns Orbot and Cubot to their regular duties. Returning to Meh Burger, Dave resumes his old job while swearing revenge.


Regional differencesEdit

  • In Brazil, the scene where a drop of oil falls on Orbot's head and where Orbot sees the rope was cut to only him pulling the rope.