Fiendbot title card
"FiendBot" is the sixty-sixth episode in the Sonic Boom (TV Series) television series. It first aired on 11 February 2017 in the United States and on 8 April 2017 in France.


Eggman builds a giant new robot to defeat Sonic. He programs it to know everything about the Blue Blur, but things don't go as planned - with all FiendBot's knowledge of Sonic, it doesn't want to destroy him, it wants to be his friend.








In Tails' House, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, and Amy Rose are playing cards when Sonic the Hedgehog rushes in, having acquired a copy of Tomatopotamus 2 from a flea market. The others are excited by this (though the Tomatopotamus (series)'s decline since is briefly discussed), and Amy recalls they played the game all the time, then asks why they ever stopped; Tails answers that the game's microchip was made with Sparcium, a rare metal alloy more valuable than the cartridge itself, so all copies of the game, except any missed, were recalled and melted down for their Sparcium years ago. They quickly sit down to play the game competitively, with the undefeated Tomatopotamus champion Sonic betting that if any of the others can beat him, he will buy Chili dog for the whole Team Sonic.

Meanwhile, at Doctor Eggman's Lair, Doctor Eggman has finished construction of his latest creation, FiendBot, and plans to program him with everything known about Sonic so he can anticipate and counter the hedgehog's every move. Back at Tails' House, Tails is eliminated from the game, with Amy following him shortly after. Sonic and Knuckles continue to face off for 14 more hours, with Tails and Amy commentating that they are about to enter level 27, a feat which has never been accomplished. When they get to level 27, it turns out to be an underwater level, and because of his fear of water, Sonic is thrown off, quickly being eliminated from the game. As the winner, Knuckles takes the opportunity to gloat at Sonic relentlessly about being the Tomatopotamus champion; the hedgehog, as he promised, goes out to buy chili dogs for everyone at Meh Burger (location).

At Eggman's lair, Eggman begins the process of downloading video data to FiendBot that shows Just a Guy Aim Low Next Top Villain Beyond the Valley of the Cubots Eggman the Auteur It Takes a Village to Defeat a Hedgehog, with FiendBot activating once the process completes; Eggman takes him to the Unnamed Village for a test drive. At Meh Burger, Sonic is getting four chili dogs from Dave the Intern (despite them expiring immediately after) when Eggman shows up in the Eggmobile with FiendBot in tow; Sonic begins to make banter about how easy taking the robot apart will be, allowing FiendBot to knock him down with a laser blast, having anticipated said banter. Sonic attempts to use his Spin attack, but FiendBot also anticipates that and blocks it. FiendBot then goes on the offensive as Sonic dodges his missiles, but in the middle of the fight, a tree is destroyed, threatening to fall on an unsuspecting Perci the Bandicoot; Sonic quickly breaks away to save her. FiendBot witnesses this and, soon after, Sonic saving Walrus Baby from a fall and returning him to Lady Walrus. Noting Sonic's heroism, FiendBot begins to doubt he is really an enemy and also starts considering him a friend. Eggman believes that FiendBot is simply being witty, but FiendBot, his loyalty to Eggman now nonexistent, drives the evil scientist off with a barrage of missiles.

Sonic thanks FiendBot for getting rid of Eggman and begins to leave, but FiendBot follows him; before dashing off, Sonic states he cannot have the robot follow him, as the rest of Team Sonic would not approve of the latter's presence. After returning to Tails' House, Sonic hands the others their chili dogs, but soon after, the ground shakes, signifying FiendBot's presence. Sonic attempts to get the others to pass it off as nothing, but they run outside and see FiendBot, ready to attack before Sonic comes to his defense. Tails states his skepticism, even informing him of the robot's sinister name; in response, Sonic decides to rename him "FriendBot". Though the rest of Team Sonic has their doubts, Sonic asks them to at least give FriendBot a chance. Meanwhile, at Eggman's lair, Eggman, having realized he made a mistake in making FiendBot sentient, has built a mindless energy blaster on treads that is loaded with the same Sonic intel as him.

As the days continue, Team Sonic goofs off with FriendBot around; they play volleyball, allow the robot to join them in playing Tomatopotamus 2, and have a dance party, though FriendBot's size and strength ruins each in some way, and Tails, Knuckles, and Amy remain unconvinced if they can truly consider him friendly. The next day, Team Sonic and FriendBot are walking to Meh Burger when Eggman appears, bringing with him an army of robots; the team makes short work of them, with FriendBot easily destroying the larger robots (much to Knuckles' jealousy). Out of options, Eggman brings out the energy blaster, which quickly follows and corners Sonic before firing at him; FriendBot dives in front of Sonic to block the shot, deactivating soon after. This act finally convinces Tails, Knuckles, and Amy that FriendBot can be trusted, and Team Sonic quickly destroys the energy blaster and knocks Eggman into the horizon.

Outside Tails' House, Tails works on the still-inactive FriendBot, with the others waiting anxiously inside before the fox enters. He reveals that FriendBot's AI processor was destroyed, and he is unable to repair him because Eggman made it with Sparcium; the only way they can get more is to use the Tomatopotamus 2 microchip, since it is made from Sparcium as well. Though Knuckles is upset over the possibility of losing his high score, the decision is ultimately made to sacrifice the cartridge. FriendBot is successfully repaired, acknowledging the entire team as his friends upon reactivation. Tails also added confetti cannons to the robot, and as the team celebrates, Amy notices Sonic thinking. Sonic states to her that FriendBot is unable to fit in any of their houses, so later, he takes FriendBot to a place he can call home, telling him that Team Sonic can visit him at any time and contact him via his new Communicator if they need his help.

The team and FriendBot arrive in the canyon where the Cubot prototypes now live, and FriendBot is trusted with the responsibility of taking care of his fellow former Eggman robots, which he accepts. The team gives FriendBot a farewell hug, but before leaving, Knuckles gets FriendBot to remember that he is the Tomatopotamus champion, taking the opportunity to gloat at Sonic one last time (albeit tearfully).