Knuckles the Echidna is one of the main characters in the Sonic Boom series. He is an anthropomorphic echidna from Angel Island and serves as the muscle of Team Sonic, a group of heroes who defends the peace of Bygone Island and the world at large.

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Knuckles closely resembles his main series counterpart in overall characteristics, but is quite drastically different in terms of physical proportions. He is much larger than all of his team-mates, standing over a head taller than Sonic, and is considerably more muscular. He has a rather large torso, broad shoulders and thick muscular arms, making him very top-heavy, and possesses longer legs and quills. Also, like his main counterpart, he has a white, crescent moon-shaped mark near the top of his chest.

For attire, Knuckles wears a pair of red and yellow shoes, designed with wrap-like markings, that have green cuffs and grey metal plates on top. He also wears gloves with knuckle-spikes on them and has white sports tape wrapped around his hands, the lower half of his arms and legs, and his biceps, making him similar to a Muay Thai boxer.

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Knuckles is described as a "punch-first-and-keep-punching-until-you-need-a-punch-break" kind of echidna, and the best solution to a problem for him is to smash it to pieces. He is determined and strong of character, but tends to be rather cocky and get into trouble. Knuckles also has a huge ego: he clearly thinks of himself as his team's leader and most capable member, and fancies himself very heroic. However, his self-admiration makes him exaggerate his own recollection of his accomplishments and endeavors to the point of absurdity, leaving him convinced in his mind that he, for example, has various ridiculous superpowers. Proud of his manliness, Knuckles has a very macho-orientated attitude which at times makes him sound somewhat archaic.

Despite his tough personality, Knuckles is a softy on the inside with some noticeable preferences in particular: he loves nature and is very loyal to his friends. He can also be protective and even gentle as displayed by his dedication to the Fregosi Sapphire and Ms. Tomatopotamus. Also, after reevaluating his status as the last of his kind, Knuckles began feeling the kind of loneliness that comes from knowing that you has no relatives, making him both vulnerable and long for the love only a family can provide. However, he has since come to realize that his friends are his family and that their love is just as good.

Knuckles is the opposite of Sonic: he is stubborn, likes to take his time and is very naive. He is likewise far from intelligent, admitting himself that he is "as dumb as a rock." Having trouble keeping even the simplest facts on his friends straight, he is a little slow on the uptake, particularly when it comes to elaborate plans and math problems, as even simplified explanations takes him a long time to process. He is also a bit goofy at times and easily distracted to the point where he is drawn to things as simple as shiny objects. Knuckles is not entirely dim-witted, however, having on a few occasions shown some surprising insight, cunning, witticism, sarcasm, and even resourcefulness in different situations. His simple-minded view on things likewise lets him find answers to questions that would otherwise confuse more intellectual individuals. Knuckles can also be quite the charismatic rallier, as he has the grounded and simple (if not selfish) ideals that the common man find very relatable; most noticeably, he was able to convince the villagers of Hedgehog Village to help Team Sonic fight an army of robots by inspiring them to protect their possessions.

Knuckles is a little sensitive when it comes to his intelligence. While he accepts he is not the smartest, he takes great offense when being called stupid and will go to extreme lengths to prove otherwise. Also, when Knuckles got his team into trouble with a half-baked plan, he sunk into a depression over his imposed stupidity until his friends restored his confidence.

Noticeably, Knuckles also has a habit of saying "not cool" to others when they do something he disagrees with.

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"We have to get to Uganda" -Knuckles

"Clicking noise" -Knuckles

"Do u kno de wey?" -Knuckles

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  • While Knuckles is a nomad and loves nature, he does not know how to survive in it.
  • Knuckles may have a learning disorder. This is evident as he had many teachers, but could not retain their lessons.
  • Knuckles may have dyslexia, as in addition to his illiteracy, he exhibits many traits that are common among dyslexics. A few examples are his inability to tell left from right, his gift for music, and his inability to understand verbal explanations.
  • Knuckles is illiterate, even though he owns reading glasses.
  • Knuckles cannot count past three.
  • Knuckles claims he cannot brush his teeth or tie his shoes without aid.
  • Knuckles learned how to ride a bike, wrap his sports tape and count from Tails.
  • Knuckles can skillfully play the piano and on drums.
  • It is implied that Knuckles is allergic to fish saliva.
  • Knuckles claims to have studied air conditioning and refrigerator repair, specifically from "Sonic School of Impressing the Ladies."
  • It has been revealed that Knuckles cannot cook.
  • Knuckles was voted "sensitive soul of the month" by Hulking Brutes magazine.
  • Knuckles is not permitted inside the library due to his signature move, the ground pound.
  • Knuckles has always wondered how he would look like with a bolo tie.
  • In Sonic Boom #2, Knuckles is shown gliding through midair despite being established as incapable of this skill. According to Evan Stanley, this was because the comic staff was not told by Sega about Knuckles' inability to glide when that issue was written.
  • In Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, one of the collectible toys depicts a protein shake, which is described as "grape flavored with notes of tacos, specially formulated for echidnas". This implies that Knuckles' affinity for grapes was carried over into the Sonic Boom continuity.

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