Marine the Raccoon is a fictional character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series who first appeared in Sonic Rush Adventure. She is an anthropomorphic raccoon and a sailor from Southern Island in Blaze's world. When she began her travels, Marine met Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower and Blaze the Cat, and joined them on their seafaring search for the Jeweled Scepter, where she formed everlasting friendships.

Always energetic, Marine is talkative, but rarely listens. A spunky yet lovable rascal, she is a lover of excitement and constantly seeks adventures. She aspires to become the captain of her own ship so she can travel the world, but can be quite the handful. During her adventures with Sonic though, she has matured and has promised to grow more up.

Appearance Edit

Marine the Raccoon is a humanoid raccoon with orange fur, a white muzzle, a small back nose, and blue eyes. She has brown triangular ears, brown rings around her rounded tail, and has dark brown and cream-stripe markings around her eyes. On her neck she has two upturned pigtails with brown tips that are held together by yellow scrunchies. Her attire consists of a lime green top with a white trim, short black leggings, lime green and orange shoes, white socks, and tan gloves.

Personality Edit

Marine the Raccoon is cheerful, carefree and energetic, but also stubborn at times, brash and overconfident. She is extremely scatterbrained, always following her first intuition, and so often acts before she thinks. Marine loves to talk and does not know when to stop chattering, but she never listens to others and hardly does anything she is told if not in the mood. She is likewise relatively bossy and attention-seeking. She also has a habit of exaggerating and embellishing, often to make herself seem more important or talented; as such, she tends to strike others as annoying. Nevertheless, she generally means well and cares deeply for her friends, and can be counted upon when needed. She is also (surprisingly) a neat freak.

Marine is an overly adventurous spirit with a passion for the sea, always longing to see new places to encounter and overcome new challenges. However, this attitude makes her impatient and prone to recklessly charge into dangers. Because of her isolated upbringing, Marine knows little about her world as well. She can therefore not help go crazy with excitement when seeing anything new, and can get so caught up in it that everything else around her becomes invisible.

While Marine wants to be acknowledged as a full-fledged sea captain, she is still a child and is a natural when it comes to creating a scene. She can be really bratty when not getting her way, starts crying when emotional, is afraid of ghosts, and has trouble pronouncing certain words. Early on, Marine also insisted she was a real captain once she had a ship, despite having no prior experience, and refused to recognize her own shortcomings in favor of taking charge of the situation so not to show weakness or lose her dignity. While her cover-up attempts are poor, she thinks of herself as a great actor. However, she has since realized her own flaws, which have made her much more mature, careful, humble and dedicated to growing up and study. Regardless, she remains ever adventurous and still gets herself into trouble.

Marine speaks with an exaggerated Australian accent, using Australian slang words such as 'strewth', 'bonza' and 'cobber' and adding the word 'mate' to the end of her sentences.

Artworks Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Marine's pigtails are shaped like boomerangs, relating to her Australian accent.
  • Marine often uses the word "strewth" in her sentences. In the real world in British English, "strewth" means "God's truth". In Australia and New Zealand it can also be used as an expression of surprise, or to add emphasis.
  • On Sonic Channel, when asked about her weight, Marine responds "Hey! I don't hear such questions!" unlike most other female characters who simply says "Secret."
  • Sticks the Badger bears a heavy resemblance to Marine. As a result, many fans initially thought Sticks was an incarnation of Marine for the Sonic Boom series, before it was confirmed that Sticks was a new character.

Voice Actors Edit

  • Andrea Libman
  • Wendee Lee