Miles "Tails" Prower, commonly referred to as Tails the Fox, is one of the main characters in the Sonic Boom series. He is an anthropomorphic two-tailed fox and the sidekick of Sonic the Hedgehog. He serves as the pilot, gadget specialist, strategist and overall brains of Team Sonic, a group of heroes who protect their home from villains and foes alike.

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Tails is almost identical to his main series counterpart in appearance, except that he is slightly taller, his legs are longer, his twin-tails are thinner, his shoulders are more pronounced and his chest fur is much less fluffy. For attire, he wears a pair of brown goggles with orange lenses on his head, (which appear to change shape whenever they are worn on his eyes) a brown work belt with a strap around his shoulder and a small buckle adorned with his signature symbol, and white medium-long gloves with no cuffs. He also wears red sneakers with white toes and cuffs, which have white sports tape wrapped around the middle.

At the Awardy Awards, Tails wore a yellow and black-striped butterfly.

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Tails is a friendly young fox with a plucky "can do" attitude and an inherent optimism. The most creative in his group, Tails is a proficient tinkerer with a big imagination. He is constantly furnishing his mind with big dreams of epic inventions to not only give his team the edge but also make life easier. While some of his creations are brilliant, however, some are questionable and not always reliable. Nevertheless, Tails takes pride in his creations and is very emotionally attached to them, as seen in the case of UT, the Tailsmobile and his plane, whom he will risk his own well-being for rather than leaving them to an unfortunate fate. He has a similar attachment to his tools, which he refers to as his "babies". Tails' love for his creations is also his folly however, as he is extremely unwilling to harm them; even after his robot Hypnobot turned evil and sought to destroy the world, Tails could not bring himself to destroy him, which in turn lead to Sonic getting injured. It was first when Hypnobot threatened to kill Sonic that Tails finally overcame his inability to harm his own creation by destroying Hypnobot.

For all the mishaps he may cause, Tails can always be relied to come through for other people. Logically orientated, Tails is skeptic and relies on facts and science over questionable theories, and believes that every occurrence has a logical explanation. However, Tails can get so caught up in what he believes to be fact that he can overlook other important or obvious truths. Also, unlike Sonic, who runs headlong into trouble, Tails plans out the best possible approach to take on a challenge. He also puts a lot of attention into keeping his house orderly, although Sonic has pointed out that it makes him a bit uptight and a neat-freak.

Despite his intelligence and general fearlessness, Tails is still somewhat childish and can be a bit naive at times when dealing with things he does not fully comprehend. He can be shy in the face of the unknown at times as well, although his friends will always help push him out of his comfort zone. Not liking to be thought of as adorable, Tails wants to be recognized as serious and formidable. Also, when competing, Tails does not take personal losses very well. If pushed too far, he will pursue victory with such maniacal zeal that he tends to overlook crucial details. Tails has a bad case of astraphobia as well; the slightly rumbling and flashing makes him cower in fear and look for cover.

While he may bicker with his friends at times, Tails nonetheless tries to present them as well as he can (especially Sonic), so much that he sets up pictures in his house that show them in the best light, even when they get the best of him. Tails also does not like to disappoint others, one time to the extend of outright lying so he would not upset anyone. When he thinks he has let others down (usually when his well-intentioned inventions backfire horribly), Tails gets really hard on himself and will go to extensive lengths to do better in the future. Along those lines, he sometimes feels like he has to prove himself to his teammates, like when he worked hard to become Sonic's sidekick again after Sonic fired him.

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  • Tails can play both the drums, the bass, and the violin (albeit poorly).
  • Tails is the one who taught Knuckles how to ride a bike, wrap his sports tape and count.
  • Although Tails flies planes, he does not have a pilot license.
  • It is revealed that Tails cannot cook. While he does have some skills as he could make a meal for Eggman while he lived with him, it was not a very good result.
  • It has been revealed that Tails uses conditioner for his twin-tails.
  • Tails reads Sidekick Magazine.
  • Tails' design is a bit similar to the design of Tails from Light Mobius.
  • As seen by one of Tails idle animations in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, one of Tails' more novel usages of his twin-tail is using them like a jump rope.
  • Unlike the other members on Team Sonic who wears their Communicator on their right wrists, Tails wears his on his left wrist.

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  • Collen Villard
  • Amy Palant
  • Kate Higgins

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