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Voice Clips spoken Miles "Tails" Prower.

Sonic Boom Edit

Sound Character Transcript/Text
File:Tails Sonic Boom clip1.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "Blue Leader, this is Yellow Sky. I have eyes on Burnbot. He's on the move, over!"
File:Tails Sonic Boom clip2.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "According to my readings, these bemoans are fooling radio at Mootonium. We should be fine, as long as stand cool temperature."
File:Tails Sonic Boom clip3.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "I'm great! Ready to get back in action."
File:Tails Sonic Boom clip5.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "I don't have grandkids!"
File:Tails Sonic Boom clip9.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "About this job... What're the hours like?"
File:Tails Sonic Boom clip10.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "I just perfected my most brilliant invention yet. Meet UT, the Universal Translator. Designed to translate any language into our own."
File:Tails Sonic Boom clip11.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "Let's pretend that's true and that you don't always lose. In exchange for the safe return of my robot, I'm prepared to offer my services as your lab assistant.
File:Tails Sonic Boom clip12.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "Yeah! You might even win a shiny trophy! You love shiny things..."
File:Tails Sonic Boom clip13.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "You no long need us to protect you from invaders, and the best part is, it's totally fool-proof!"
File:Tails Sonic Boom clip14.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "That's it! I didn't use a counter-weight to compensate for changes in velocity!"
File:Tails Sonic Boom clip18.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "Looks like you could use some help. Be right back!"
File:Tails Sonic Boom clip16.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "But this thing runs on natural energy: yours! It's better than going green, it's going blue!"
File:Tails Sonic Boom clip17.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "I never said that!"
File:Tails Sonic Boom clip15.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "It worked! It actually worked!"
File:Tails Sonic Boom clip4.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "Sonic, we gonna stop that thing!"
File:Tails Sonic Boom clip6.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "What? No! Our band has been asked to play a concert on the other side of the island!"
File:Tails Sonic Boom clip7.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "The Dude-Mobile!"
File:Tails Sonic Boom clip8.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "According to this pamphlet, our route takes us right past the famous water tower shaped like a ketchup bottle!"
File:Tails Sonic Boom clip19.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "Ah heh... I guess I was so excited about the concert, I didn't pay attention to the date. On the plus side, the site of the World's Oldest Rock is only two hours from here!"
File:Tails Sonic Boom clip20.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "Baker's running place we never seen before. This guys gonna real strategie!"

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Edit

Sound Character Transcript/Text
File:Tails SBROL clip1.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "An ambush with ice-cream?"
noicon Miles "Tails" Prower "Quite peaceful."
File:Tails SBROL clip3.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "What happened to Metal?"
noicon Miles "Tails" Prower "I don't think those doors were meant to keep us out... they were to keep that in."
noicon Miles "Tails" Prower "What's he talking about?"
File:Tails SBROL clip6.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "Well, let's see. We discovered an ancient tomb, moved those mirror things around, and got steamrolled by a thousand-year-old reptile. Did I leave anything out?"
File:Tails SBROL clip7.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "Speaking of saving us, I almost have this thing figured out."
File:Tails SBROL clip8.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "Not exactly. I recalibrated the shackles into sort of energy beams."
noicon Miles "Tails" Prower "We're trapped down here. We'll keep moving forward, and hopefully meet up with you ahead."
noicon Miles "Tails" Prower "Future you, said that past you..."
File:Tails SBROL clip11.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "...would show us the location of the map here in the past, so that we can use it to stop Lyric in the future."
noicon Miles "Tails" Prower "Somebody needs a hug."
noicon Miles "Tails" Prower "How will we know when she's ready?"
File:Tails SBROL clip14.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "We got the map!"
noicon Miles "Tails" Prower "Finally! An easy one!"
noicon Miles "Tails" Prower "This is the place."
File:Tails SBROL clip17.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "It must have been designed to only take two. But don't worry. I've got a plan."
File:Tails SBROL clip18.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "This is going to be so awesome!"
File:Tails SBROL clip19.ogg Miles "Tails" Prower "I think I'm winning!"

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal Edit

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Edit