Sonic Boom Q-N-C
Q-N-C (pronounced "Quincy") is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. He is an ancient robot created centuries ago by Lyric the Last Ancient. However, Q-N-C eventually developed independence and a sense of right and wrong. Defecting from Lyric, he would shred his evil past and dedicate himself to the greater good, eventually getting himself entangled in Team Sonic's mission to stop Lyric for good.[2][3]

Appearance Edit

Q-N-C is a small robot that resembles a toy. He has a rectangular cobber head with two ears on top, two black eyes with yellow-green sclera, the right one of which is larger and with a target reticle inside it, and a pullstring on his back. His frame body is thin and dark grey, but otherwise humanoid, except for a black wheel instead of legs. He also has cobber armor on his torso's right side, around his pelvis and on his three-fingered forearms

Personality Edit

Originally another of Lyric's mindless drones, Q-N-C would develop his own free will and personality, becoming a friendly and independent robot. No longer pleased with Lyric's evil ambitions, Q-N-C gained a well-defined sense of morality, having tried persuading Lyric into sparing the Ancients from his wrath and later seeking to do good after his past transgressions. That being said, Q-N-C is somewhat meek and easily unnerved, being a bit of a follower more than a leader. He is easily frightened into submission in spite of his standpoints, like during his time with Lyric where he mainly followed him out of fear, and he often freaks out over impending threats, like when he learned of Lyric's return. His meekness should not be confused with low self-esteem however, as he has occasionally acknowledged himself in high regard.[7]

Having shed his evil past, Q-N-C now aims to please and help people whenever possible.[3] As such, he is a very helpful person who always has the best interests at heart and eagerly does whatever he can to assist others. Regardless, he harbors at times insecurities about his contributions and therefore seeks others' approval to feel that he did well.[8] Also, while his determination to assist is admirable, it makes him come off as somewhat over-helpful.

Q-N-C appears to have a longing for friendship, especially as seen in his interactions with Team Sonic.[8] While he may come off as somewhat overly idealistic about companionship, his attitude also makes him extremely loyal and dedicated to those he cares about.[9][10]

Q-N-C has displayed a couple of personal quirks, like twiddling his fingers (especially when nervous) and occasional twitching. He also has a tendency to forget important details and local dangers, mostly because they are not issues that would personally concern him.[11]

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Trivia Edit

  • Q-N-C's role as the main guide of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal[3] is very similar to Omochao's role from the main game series.
  • In an unused entry for Q-N-C's Database in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, it is stated that Q-N-C was sealed underground for years with nothing to do until Cliff and his expedition arrived. Said entries also give further glimpses into Q-N-C's personality and preferences.[17]

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  • Ben Diskin