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Voice Clips spoken by Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic Boom Edit

Sound Character Transcript/Text
File:Sonic Sonic Boom clip1.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "You can't lose me, Egghead!"
File:Sonic Sonic Boom clip2.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "Do what, Egghead?"
File:Sonic Sonic Boom clip3.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "So what, he's gonna burn me with flamethrowers or something?"
File:Sonic Sonic Boom clip4.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "Oh, uh, acid? Incendiary grenades!"
File:Sonic Sonic Boom clip5.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "Then you should have called him "Clawbot" or "The Lacerator" or "Pinch-a-tron 9000." But "Burnbot"? I mean, that's just false advertising!"
File:Sonic Sonic Boom clip6.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "Thanks, Tails. Initiate Speeding Swing Surprise."
File:Sonic Sonic Boom clip7.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "Keep resting, pal. I'll get you home. I promise I'll never let anything like this happen to you again."
File:Sonic Sonic Boom clip8.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "Hey, buddy! How ya feelin'?"
File:SonicBoomclip9.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "Yeah, uh... about that, um... I've got some great news! You, my friend, are taking early retirement!"
File:Sonic Sonic Boom clip10.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "Yeah, you're gonna be able to play lots of golf and spend time with the grandkids!"
File:Sonic Sonic Boom clip11.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "Well, now's your chance to get some! Trust me, it's for the best."
File:Sonic Sonic Boom clip14.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "Well, it's seven days a week. But you get your own plane."
File:Sonic Sonic Boom clip15.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "'In honor of saving our village, the Mayor cordially invites you to the Awardies.' Huh, conveniently, you can also bring your four closest pals."
File:Sonic Sonic Boom clip16.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "Now where was I? 'The Awardies will be at the Mayor's mansion. You'll dine on--' Ooh. 'Elegant food and mingle with elegant guests. After which the Awardy Award will be awarded to the winner. Which could be you!'"
File:Sonic Sonic Boom clip17.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "Hey! Everything was nothin'. The noise is gone, thanks Egghead!"
File:Sonic Sonic Boom clip18.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "Dude, what happened out there? You never miss a cue!"
File:Sonic Sonic Boom clip19.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "What say we grab a Meh Burger to celebrate our victory?"
File:Sonic Sonic Boom clip20.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "What I tell ya! No such thing as ghosts!"

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Edit

Sound Character Transcript/Text
noicon Sonic the Hedgehog "Amy! Knuckles! Go left!"
noicon Sonic the Hedgehog "We're trapped here, Tails!"
File:Sonic SBROL clip3.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog " A forest... this is more like it..."
File:Sonic SBROL clip4.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "You made it!"
File:Sonic SBROL clip5.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "You see, guys. I told you I'd find the exit. No problem."
noicon Sonic the Hedgehog "Um... guys, can we put a pin in this for a second?"
File:Sonic SBROL clip7.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "I have no idea what you're talking about, but I'm pretty sure it's a bad thing."
File:Sonic SBROL clip8.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "He dodged my spin attack. Nobody's ever done that before."
noicon Sonic the Hedgehog "We gotta stop that slithery psycho."
File:Sonic SBROL clip10.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "Great work, buddy! Maybe we can use these things to find a way out."
File:Sonic SBROL clip11.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "Yeaaaahhhh. Funny story... We might have accidentally unleashed him on the world."
noicon Sonic the Hedgehog "Not a great time, Shadow. I'm a little busy saving the world."
File:Sonic SBROL clip13.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "MAIA! It's great to see you."
File:Sonic SBROL clip14.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "You sent us here from 1000 years in the future."
File:Sonic SBROL clip15.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "It worked! The force field's down!"
File:Sonic SBROL clip16.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "There's has to be a power source around here somewhere."
File:Sonic SBROL clip17.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "Did we do it? We did it! Awesome!"
File:Sonic SBROL clip18.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "Time travel rules!"
File:Sonic SBROL clip19.ogg Sonic the Hedgehog "And... I'm awesome!"

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal Edit

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Edit