Space title card
"Spacemageddonocalypse" is the fifty-fourth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 19 November 2016 in the United States and is scheduled to air on 8 April 2017 in France.


Eggman discovers that an asteroid is on a collision course with the planet! It's up to Sonic and his friends to destroy the asteroid.




  • Sonic Boom World
  • Seaside Island
  • Eggman's secret underground bunker (First appearance)
  • Sticks' Burrow
  • Tails' House
  • Tails' Workshop
  • Unnamed Village
  • Village Center
  • Mayor's Mansion
  • Meh Burger


  • Amy's Hammer
  • Communicator
  • Solar Convergence Device (First appearance)
  • Tail-escope (First appearance)
  • Wrist controller


  • Egg Rocket (First appearance)


At the beginning of the episode, Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot are in space working on one of their satellites while watches from within the safety of his Egg Rocket. As Orbot and Cubot get bombarded by space debris and are bounced back and forth by their lifelines, Eggman decides to play a video game. While playing however, the video game and the Egg Rocket's computer detect a gigantic asteroid heading for earth. Panicking, Eggman races back to the planet, dragging Orbot and Cubot with him. After returning to solid ground, Eggman travels into the jungle on Seaside Island where he reveals to his minions that he had built a secret underground bunker specifically for these kinds of situations, one that not even Orbot and Cubot knew about. Eggman steps inside, wishing to take in the untouched state of the bunker, only to find it a complete mess; Cubot admits that maybe he did know about the bunker after all. Eggman orders them to clean it up as he decides to a new plan he has come up with into motion: with the situation at hand, he intends to use the bunker for monetary gain by making the villagers pay to enter and stay safe from the asteroid's impact.

Standing later in front of the gathered villagers in the Village Center, Eggman reveals that the asteroid is on a collision course with the planet and encourages the villagers to purchase a spot in his bunker to ride out the impact. Sonic immediately sees that it is an evil scheme, but Eggman insists that the threat is no less real, which he admits takes some joy out of his scheme. Having gathered the rest of Team Sonic near his workshop, Tails has a look into outer space with his Tail-escope (which he admits is no different from a regular telescope) and confirms to the others that Eggman was right. Gathering Sonic, Mayor Fink, Professor Cluckins and Eggman in city hall, Tails proposes a plan where they blow the asteroid off its current course so it will not hit their planet. However, the meeting gets nowhere: Fink and Cluckins are no help and opt to hide in Eggman's bunker, Eggman insists they stick to his original plan, and Sonic tries in vain to be the voice of reason.

While Eggman looks for citizens to stay in his bunker with him, Sonic and Tails are in the latter's workshop, with Tails desperately attempting to come up with a plan; Sonic admiring himself in the mirror gives him an idea. For this idea, Team Sonic gathers mirrors and then sets up a device to use them to concentrate sunlight into a powerful beam that can bump the asteroid off its trajectory. The device works, and the beam gets close to the asteroid, but it starts deflecting off surrounding objects in space; Tails concludes there is too much space debris to fire it from here. As Eggman attempts to decide who will get access to his bunker, Tails comes up with a solution to the error in his plan: one of them has to go into space and get close to the asteroid before using the Solar Convergence Device, as Tails calls the mirror device, to bump it off its course. Amy suggests they use Eggman's Egg Rocket, but Tails tells her that Eggman would never let them have it because it would interfere with his plan.

Sonic, however, has an idea; as Eggman chooses the finalists for the people who will join him in the bunker (and sends everyone else home to await their doom), Sonic contacts the Wolf Policeman, who takes the Egg Rocket away as it is illegally parked (even in the jungle) and leaves an annoyed Eggman behind. After getting the Egg Rocket and installing the Solar Convergence Device into it, Sonic volunteers to go into space, but the team recommends that Knuckles attempts the mission as he is the only one strong enough to lift the device if things go wrong, much to the egotistical hedgehog's disappointment. Tails explains to the echidna what he has to do, and he gives Knuckles a spacesuit and an instruction list that uses pictures. Once Knuckles is dressed in his spacesuit, he walks out in a dramatic fashion (though Amy tells him to hurry it up).

Later, as the Egg Rocket is approaching the asteroid, Tails tells him that its magnetic field will interfere with radio transmissions, leaving Knuckles on his own. However, Tails then realizes he gave Knuckles his grocery list instead of the instructions, much to his shock. When Knuckles tries the SCD on the asteroid, his inability to properly operate it causes its mirrors to shatter and the device to break apart. He then decides to go out of the Egg Rocket on his own and destroy the asteroid using a powerful ground pound. After doing this successfully, he attempts to get off the asteroid before it completely breaks apart. Amidst the attempt, he spies Eggman's satellite; after jumping onto it, he rides it like a surfboard back to the Egg Rocket, getting back in contact with the rest of the team and telling them what happened.

Upon Knuckles' reveal that he destroyed the asteroid himself and broke it into pieces, Tails worriedly informs him that the asteroid fragments are still heading toward the planet. Sonic, briefly showing excitement at a chance to be the hero somehow, borrows Amy's Hammer and speeds to each of the fragments' points of impact, knocking them all away. After the team is shown a picture of Knuckles on the asteroid taken by the Egg Rocket (which Sticks believes was faked), Sonic claims that he deflected all 30 pieces. However, Tails counted 31 pieces, the remaining one having landed right in front of the door into Eggman's bunker, trapping everyone inside.