Sticks the Badger is one of the main characters in the Sonic Boom series. She is a wacky anthropomorphic jungle badger and a force of nature in every way. Since childhood, she has been living alone and flourishing in the wilderness and is therefore new to friends in general. She eventually formed a strong bond with Team Sonic and joined them as their wild card in their ongoing battles against Dr. Eggman.

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Sticks is an anthropomorphic badger only slightly shorter than Amy. She has orange fur with long thick hair on the back of her head, which she keeps in two locks with auburn strings, and two brown stripes across each of her eyes and bushy round ears that reach the end of her hair. Additionally, she has a peach muzzle with a small black nose, blue eyes and a medium-long bushy tail. Her attire consists of a tube top and a skirt with an auburn rope belt, each made of worn-down grey fabric stitched together, and tan fur-skin boots, one with a fur cuff and the other with metal bands. As accessories, she has a golden band on her right upper arm, a spiral bracelet on her left wrist and a necklace braided with seashells and a gold ring. In Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Sticks also wears a pair of black bike shorts.

For the Awardy Awards, Sticks wore a black one-shoulder dress with white hemlines and black medium-heeled shoes.

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Sticks is energetic, free-spirited and primal like a wild animal. She has sharp animal instincts, is a fearsome combatant and tenacious hunter, and when angry she enters a feral frenzy. Because of her isolated life, Sticks has become off-kilted, obtuse, mental and just plain nutty, and she thinks others are living in an alternate world different from the normal one, something that unnerves friends and enemies alike. While Sticks recognizes that she is a kook, she does not like having herself and her ideas written off as crazy by default (as she often turns out to be right).

In spite of her background, Sticks is intelligent, especially when in her right element, though her manner of speaking comes off as strange to other people as she speaks in a primitive dialect she taught herself. Also, there is a definite method in much of her madness, and her hair-brained ideas can sometimes be strokes of brilliance that lead to solutions that no one else could have thought of. Due to living in the jungle, Sticks has no concept of formal behavior, a fact she is aware of and worries will embarrass her in fancy situations. She is also disgusted by anything cute, adorable and fuzzy.

While not a tomboy, Sticks is far from feminine and has no understanding of this concept. However, she does have her rare moments of girly-ness. She loves spending time in her burrow and returns to it for safety when a situation becomes too bizarre for her. Like Tails, she is passionate about arts and crafts and makes things from what she finds in nature. Unlike Tails though, Sticks usually considers technology her enemy because it "can't be trusted." Regardless of her standpoints however, she is willing to compromise her principles for the right reasons. She has also curiously enough displayed an unlikely amount of affection for otherwise dangerous or disgusting robots, such as D-Fekt and Buster.

Sticks' social skills need plenty of work. She always speak her mind, even if it comes across as socially uncalibrated, and her wildness sometimes gets her into trouble during social situations. Sticks is not the most trusting individual and is full of outrageous suspicions and paranoia (though her instinctive skepticism often turns out to be quite accurate). She is very superstitious and senses danger and conspiracies everywhere, which leaves her in a state of constant stress. She especially suspects the government of being behind a lot of shady activities, including mind-controlling the public, and often thinks about toppling it. As such, she has equipment prepared for even the oddest situations. Sticks is also one who believes in speaking the truth, and cannot stand the real stories being withheld. Despite her dislike of lies, however, she is not a snitch.

While the concepts of sharing, compassion, and friendship are foreign to her, Sticks has a good heart and a genuine desire to get closer to Sonic and his friends (though she is also completely comfortable being alone), and is fiercely loyal to them. Perhaps most noticeably, she is unwilling to rat out her friends, even when they do something she does not disagree with, although she expects them to come clean in the end. However, her loyalty also means that she feels very hurt when her friends do not trust her enough her when she needs them to. Her closeness to her friends also creates an internal struggle for her; on one hand she is not sure she can handle the life outside her burrow, but on the other hand she loves her friends and wants to hang out with them.

Sticks has a horrible singing voice, which has been liken to "bagpipes in a wood chipper" and was bad enough to set off Tails' Disasterometer.

In Mario and Sonic's adventures in London:The Series,Sticks has a hyperactive and fun-loving tomboyish personality,often wanting to play with everyone else.She is playful but sometimes she acts before thinking,which make Mario say "Awkward!" whenever she does something before thinking.

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  • Sticks has several differences from the other members of Team Sonic:
  • She is the only member who does not wear sports tape.
  • She is the only member who does not wear any gloves.
  • She is the only member who does not wear a Communicator (this is because she does not trust technology). Instead, she uses an old-fashion telephone.
  • She is the only member with confirmed family members.
  • Sticks can play the banjo.
  • Sticks claims she only owns one outfit.
  • It is said that Sticks cannot cook.
  • Sticks claims that she never sleeps, although that is not entirely true, as there has been instances where she has been seen napping. More likely, she just has long periods where she does not sleep at all.
  • When Sticks does goes to sleep, she wears a metal cap in her bed.
  • Sticks is the only person in Hedgehog Village who does not own a television, mainly because she believes they are a conspiracy to control minds.
  • Sticks has several times demonstrated her own battle cry, which is a high-pitch shrill.
  • As of Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, Sticks has seen a total of twelve ancient cities in her life.
  • Sticks bears a very strong resemblance to Marine the Raccoon. As such, many fans initially mistook Sticks as a supposed Sonic Boom incarnation of Marine until she was revealed to be a new character to the franchise.
  • Sticks bears a resemblance to Aika from Skies of Arcadia and Cham-Cham from Samurai Shodown. Both characters have similar hairstyles and wield boomerangs as their main weapons. Cham-Cham and Sticks also grew up and live around nature. Her resemblance to the former was hinted in Sonic the Hedgehog #275.
  • Unlike the other main characters, as seen in the opening of the Sonic Boom television series, Sticks is associated with the color green and not the primary color of her body.
  • However, in Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal she is giving an aura based on her primary color like the other characters.
  • Sticks is the first character not made by the Sonic Team or from the main Sonic the Hedgehog video game series to get her own wallpaper and profile on Sonic Channel.
  • Sticks is currently the only character exclusively in the Sonic Boom series to appear in a game outside of her franchise.
  • Sticks is the only main character from the Sonic Boom franchise who is a new character. All other main characters are new versions of their mainstream counterparts.
  • Sticks claims that she is incapable of using the spin attack. However, she is clearly able to perform it in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom. This is likely because the characters in this game all use the same basic moves.
  • Starting from season two of the Sonic Boom television series, Sticks would wield a new weapon in many of the new episodes she appeared in. Series' producer Bill Freiberger has explained this was implemented due to a desire to add new and interesting elements to season two.
  • In Mario and Sonic's adventures in London:The Series,Sticks is playful,hyperactive,fun-loving and a bit naive.

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