Tommy Thunder Title Card
"Tommy Thunder: Method Actor" is the fifty-third episode in the Sonic Boom television series and the first episode in the series' second season. It first aired on 29 October 2016 in the United States and is scheduled to air on 8 April 2017 in France.


Sonic lets martial arts action movie star Tommy Thunder follow him around and observe his "hero process" for Tommy's upcoming role. However, things erupt when Tommy's over-the-top ego clashes with Sonic's and he starts to claim credit for the gang's victories.




  • Sonic Boom World
  • Dr. Eggman's Lair
  • Seaside Island
  • Sonic's Shack
  • Tails' Workshop
  • Unnamed Village
  • Village Center
  • Mayor's Mansion
  • Meh Burger


  • Amy's Hammer
  • Communicator
  • Enerbeam
  • Wrist controller


  • Blue Force One (First appearance)
  • Eggmobile
  • Tails' Plane


  • Comedy Chimp Show
  • Tommy Thunder (series) (Mentioned)


The episode begins with Team Sonic standing in line with several villagers at Meh Burger, waiting to meet action movie star Tommy Thunder, who is there to promote his new movie. Everyone is excited, though Sonic is less so, as he believes everything Tommy does in his movies is somewhat unrealistic. Soon, Dave introduces Tommy, who autographs pictures of himself and tells his fans that someday they can be heroes too (including Tails, despite his hero status). Soar arrives to report on Tommy's heroism, but Sonic insists he is just an actor and has not actually saved anyone, though Mrs. Vandersnout quickly proves him wrong by saying to Tommy that his films helped get her through a time she was ill. The event is abruptly cut short, however, when the villagers are warned by the Beaver Policeman that Eggman is attacking, and Team Sonic arrives to find him assaulting a baker because he is displeased with not getting a proper baker's dozen. Upon noticing them, Eggman summons his Bee Bots to hold them off. Sonic tells Knuckles to throw him a day-old baguette, which he uses to swat the Bee Bots, one of which smashes into the Eggmobile and sends Eggman flying into the horizon. Tommy is impressed with Sonic's skills and asks if he can follow the hedgehog around so he can get insight for his next heroic movie role. While the other members of the team are thrilled at the idea, Sonic does not believe Tommy's ego would be a good fit (despite showing his own ego when he refers to his team as "Team Sonic" while saying this).

Later, at Sonic's Shack, Tommy tries to convince Sonic again, this time bringing him a melon sculpture in the shape of Sonic's head, but the hedgehog remains firm on his opinion. That night, Tommy takes the rest of the team to Meh Burger's VIP room for a fancy dinner, where he brings up the situation to a charmed Amy; she comes to Sonic's Shack the next day, managing to get him to agree to letting Tommy follow him on the basis that it would help Tommy become a more realistic hero in his next movie. However, Tommy quickly begins to get on Sonic's nerves, asking him questions constantly and even imitating him. He complains about this to Tails in the latter's workshop, but the fox quickly gets an alert that a robbery is in progress. In the village, the Weasel Bandits are robbing TVs from a store until Team Sonic confronts them. The heroes quickly thwart the attempt, and Sonic ties the Bandits up, only for Tommy to request a retake with him in it. Sonic is flustered over this, but the Bandits agree to it, leading to Tommy retying them; Soar appears on the scene and reports that Tommy defeated the Bandits, stealing the credit from Team Sonic and annoying its leader. Later, Tommy once again visits Sonic's Shack, thanking Sonic for teaching him heroism. Sonic is in disbelief that Tommy actually thinks he stopped the Bandits; Tommy responds that Sonic is jealous of him, which he denies. He then mentions that he is late for his pending appearance on the Comedy Chimp Show and walks away, leaving Sonic to fume.

Comedy Chimp interviews Tommy on his show about the experience that night, and Tommy greatly exaggerates the battle; Eggman is watching the show from his lair as he bakes muffins. It is then that Comedy Chimp suggests Tommy is ready for anything, even Eggman, leading to an overconfident Tommy calling the evil scientist out; Eggman, to his chagrin, has no choice but to respond to his challenge. Later, Tommy is on his phone when he suddenly finds himself ambushed by Eggman and his Badniks, along with Obliterator Bot. Tommy attempts to tell Eggman that what he said was just an act, and while Eggman thinks about it briefly, he ultimately gives the order to attack. Tommy cowers from the ensuing laser blasts and runs to Sonic, who had arrived moments before, begging for his help; he admits he is not a real hero and even tells the hedgehog that "Tommy Thunder" is not his real name. Sonic decides to help him, easily defeating Eggman's Badniks and making short work of Obliterator Bot using his speed, his trickery, and his Enerbeam. Eggman retreats to his lair when he gets an alert that his muffins are done, telling the two they got off lucky as a result. Soar arrives again to report on the aftermath, with Tommy once again being given credit for a heroic act he did not commit. Upon being handed the microphone, Sonic, not wanting to let down Tommy's fans, also gives him credit and chooses not to mention his cowardice, though not without some hesitation.

The next day, as a reward for his mature actions in sharing credit with Tommy, Sonic's friends take him to Meh Burger. Knuckles asks for the VIP room; Dave denies it ever existed, confirming Sticks' suspicions.